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Because your cannabis business should soar, not just survive. Elevate to higher grounds, effortlessly. We got you covered!

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Influence Marketing

Local Search

AI Models

AI is the digital alchemist, turning data into gold with a touch of brilliance that's nothing short of magical.

Token Bowls

Bud Tender

The G

The Big Deal

Bud Money

Deal Finder

Big P

Event Manager

Binny Moll

Personal Preference

Dolly Greens

Creative Design

Mox Keef

Grow Hand

Bubba Bluntz

Market Analyst

Dutchee Left

Influence Marketing

Dutchee Right

Local Marketing

Fatty Rolls

Wholesale Backdoor

Holly Honey

Data Specialist

Nugz Shake

Dispensary Management

Scoop Digs

Brand Management

Beanie Smoke

Product Management

Maho Tunes

Order Management

Baked into one app

Our 16 AI personalities are sparking up the cannabis industry, each bringing their own flavor of genius to grow your business higher than the competition.

Free Listings

Sign up and shine, with zero cost to get listed and seen.

In App Ordrering

From tap to doorstep, in-app orders make shopping a breeze.

Target Audiences

Speak directly to hearts with messaging that hits the mark.

Mass Market

Broadcast your brand, reaching hands and homes across the masses.

Data for days!

We're sitting on fields of market data so vast, you could explore it for days and still find new treasures hidden within its depths.










Vape Pens




Pre Rolls



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Think Our AI Magic is Just Smoke? Let's Clear the Air!


Think your green's not living up to the dream? We've got the tech-savvy green thumb to digitize and optimize your cultivation space, turning growing pains into growing gains!

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Feeling stuck in the weeds of wholesale complexity? Let us elevate your stock to cloud nine with cutting-edge AI that smooths out supply chains and skyrockets your sales!

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Caught in a retail rut and can't seem to spark up your sales? Watch as we apply our digital wizardry to your retail strategy, ensuring your sales bloom and thrive like never before!

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We have many advantages

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Unlock the secrets of social engagement with our cutting-edge tools. Dive deep into your audience's world - their passions, power players, chats, and choices. Unearth trending topics and key influencers to spread your message far and wide.

Listen to Conversations

Our tech gives you a VIP pass to the demographics, psychographics, and map coordinates of the unique souls buzzing about your business.

Performance Analyze

Harmonize your social media symphony across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With our sleek reports, distill rich insights from the social cacophony into actionable intel.

Social Conversions

Monitor the moves made on your website sparked by social flares, and measure their monetary magic on your business's bottom line.


Our tools delve deep into the psyche of your prospects, enabling personalized pathways that resonate, relate, and ultimately, convert.

Precision Targeting

Tailor your message with laser focus, ensuring it lands in the laps of those who matter most.


Our Insight Integrator harmonizes disparate data sources, providing you with a holistic view of your audience's desires, detours, and destinations.


Witness real-time revelations as complex data transforms into clear, actionable insights. Visualize your victory, from audience analytics to zonal zephyrs, all at the click of a button.


From mundane to complex tasks, watch as AI takes the wheel, turning your operations into a well-oiled machine that works smarter, not harder.

Conversational Companions

Eradicate barriers with our 24/7 conversational AI, blending human warmth with digital precision.


Unlock the future and hidden opportunities in your data with our sharp, AI-driven analytics.


Our AI tailors every interaction, ensuring content and recommendations resonate on a personal level.


Whether it’s for work or even the next family vacation, Trello helps your team.

Engagement Initiatives

Integrate the apps your team already uses directly into your workflow.

Content Creation

No matter where you are, Trello stays in sync across all of your devices.

Hyper-Local Strategies

Boost visibility with strategies honed for local searches.